Seminar, Workshop, and Lectures Organized by Department

Sr. No Resource Person Topic Date No. of  Participants
1 Dr. Parag Devani The Road Map and Planning for Competitive Exams 12-08-2018 26
2 Prof. Chetna Paneri Sonnet as an expression of Love Poetry 15-12-2017 21
3 Dr. Ramesh Mehta Romanticism  in Gujarati Poetry 15-12-2017 21
4 Prof. (Dr.) JaydeepSinh Dodiya The Role of Syntax in English language 10-01-2018 20
5 Prof. Rajesh Basiya Soft Skills for Bright Academic Career 12-01-2018 21
6 Milind Solanki Competitive Exam 12-01-2018 21
7 Prof. (Dr.)Manoj Joshi Musicality in Poetry : An Aesthetic Review 08-02-2018 21
8 Dr. Rajendra Mehta Research Possibilities in Comparative Literature 08-02-2018 21

Other Activities By Department
  • Collected Fund for Flood Affected People.
  • Visit at Samprat Education and Charitable Trust for physically and mentally handicapped, Junagadh.
  • Arrange informative lecture on “World suicidal prevention day” for all the students of departments.
  • Arranged informative lectures on Carrier guidance and government recruitment for the students.